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Pallet production

Wood is a living material that is difficult to process properly. The most important factor in producing pallets that are fit for purpose is the right tree choice. For our production line, we import high quality woods from various parts of the world. Our pallets can be manufactured from hard and soft woods according to the demands and needs of our customers.


Raw Material Selection

Every step of the production cycle from wood processing to constructing pallets occur under control. We ensure that our products are delivered to our customers in the most perfect way. The production process begins with the right tree selection and determination of pallet dimensions. All timber is brought to standard widths and thicknesses, ready for the next stage.

Processing of timber

Bizim Palet’s products are manufactured using the panel system formed by the double dovetail penetration system on wooden boards.

The double dovetail penetration system, serves as a locking system for the boards, avoids the twisting and bending of the pallets and enhances the duration of the pallets. The paving stones produced with these pallets do not have surface imperfections.


Pallets and features

We manufacture pallets suitable for all kinds of cobble stone manufacturing machines such as:

(*) We produce wooden pallets with galvanized iron legs ranging from 100mm to 320mm, especially for single-row automatic machines.

Pallet selection

The pallets are pre-treated, often washed whilst manufacturing paving blocks and stones. This pre-treatment ensures that the product does not adhere to the pallet mould hence increases the quality of the material produced. Additionally, the washing prolongs the life of the pallet.

For manufacturing products such as curbstones and blocks, pallets with legs are highly recommended. Bizim Palet can manufacture pallets with iron or wood legs as per our customer’s requirements.